It is your child.

Children of our age has lot of talents some are highly intelligent, some are excellent in dancing and other kinds of arts. But the great challenge they are facing is compulsion from the part of the parents. When a child is in a stage of studies parents always want them to be the first in everything. At times children are unable to do according to the wishes of the parents so they will be cursed by the parents. There is lot of stress is there upon the children from the school through their academic activities. Added to this when parents are also forcing them to be someone they are not they will end up in a situation which we cannot predict. The great stress a parent can give to the child is that to compare him/her with the children of neighborhood. Children always need to be loved by the parents, when a parent is comparing them with other children they will have a feeling that they are not good. They may try to do what parents are telling in order to please them. It will be a great stress on them.

I came across many children who were punished by their parents because they lost one or two marks in the exam. Even though they tried their level best to get the first because of some mistake they might have lost one mark. It is not a crime to loosing in the exam but some of the parents have a mind that it is a great loss for them. The marks of the children become the prestige issue for the parents. So if the child loosing one mark may be unbearable for them. These kinds of stress will end up in Psychological problems for the children. In this competitive world children have no voice. They are living as instruments in the hands of the parents. Child cannot raise his/her voice because they are much afraid of their parents.

There are exception for this situation. There are parents who care for their children and gives freedom for them. These children are good when they grow up compare to other children who live under pressure. When a child is under pressure he/she looses his capacity to be free and when he/she grows up there will not be much help to the society from their part.





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