Marian Blossom

Today is the day our lady appeared to three kids in Fatima. She urged to them to pray for the whole world. This day is not known to the world much. Catholic Church celebrate it as a feast day. To remember her visit. Whenever our mother appears she urges to the faithful to pray for the sinners. I have decided to change my life to go through the path of conversion. ‘Metanoia’22d81dff3ea4be21f42254baf2f60bd3--catholic-art-roman-catholic no turning back. I learned from my experience the pride and  prejudice attitudes in the behavior makes someone a sinner. If you are ready to change your attitude of pride God will show you the way to change. Blessed mother is ready to help us in our ways. She is a real model of purity. Her life which we are reading in the bible is sufficient to accept her as our spiritual mother. She heard the Word of God, kept it in the heart and meditated over it. It became fruitful in her life. This is a real example for every Christian to live a life of  purity. Our life should be based on the word of God. Always we must be ready to meditate the Word of God and practice it in our life. Then like Mary we also will blossom in Heavenly Garden.


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