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7 Secrets of Confession7 Secrets of Confession by Vinny Flynn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Are you really worried about your sins? Are you afraid to go for confession to a priest? Do you want to be more in union with Jesus? This is the book you are looking for.

Vinny Flynn, made a great effort to show the importance of the sacrament of reconciliation in our lives. Very Often we all are much worried about our sins, always try to dumped in the confessional before a priest. description but Vinny with this book showed us how we must approach this sacrament of mercy and the graces which we will receive from this sacrament.
Again he showed the confession as a moment which we share our failures with Jesus. More than the presence of priest, Jesus is waiting there for us. description To listen to us and to heal us so that we can be with Him always.
He explained throughout this book with the help of Catechism of the Catholic Church and other Church documents, the use of the diary of St. Faustina also really help us to clarify more doubts about this sacrament.
It is an invitation to all of us to start a life which is grace filled. Let us start anew in His grace. description

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Reconciliation and Penance in the Mission of the Church TodayReconciliation and Penance in the Mission of the Church Today by John Paul II

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It is a wonderfully written Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation by Pope Saint John Paul II. This document is the result of the synod which held in 1983. In this document, Saint John Paul II deals mainly with the topic reconciliation. The reconciliation is needed not only on an individual level but also at the social level also.
The parable of the prodigal son has interpreted in this document also by John Paul II. Again and again, when we revisit this parable more and more insights we are getting this parable. Here, Saint John Paul II analyzes the three characters of this parable and interpreted. We all need to reconcile with God, people and nature in one way or other.

The importance of the sacrament of reconciliation also emphasized once again in this Exhortation. Though every sacrament helps us to reconcile with God the sacrament of reconciliation has a great role in this duty. It will help us to grow more in perfection. The other major part I saw in this document is that Saint John Paul II’s view on the different duties entrusted to the Confessor. He narrates how a confessor should be. Again he gives the attitude of the penitent, this also an important aspect in the Sacrament of Penance.

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Wretched Repeats

I was planning to write something about the problem aroused in Kerala a few months ago. It was a murder of a man for taking something from a store because of his hunger. The incident was so much celebrated in the social media all were enjoying by putting comments and sending that poor man’s photo to others and likewise, he became so famous. Here I am not trying to defend any party or anything else rather I just wanted to share one of my experience in my life.tribal_killed_attappadi_madhu_750_1

Three years ago I was working in one of the villages of the Arunachal Pradesh (India). The people of that village belong to the tribe of Wancho. I had so many beautiful experiences from their day to day lives. Since the man who has been accused of stealing and killed was from a tribal culture (Madhu) I need to share my experience here.

Some days of my village experience I used to stay in some of the houses of the people. Very Often I wonder because these people never close their houses. One day I said the owner of the house why you are not closing the house, you should close your house, it is necessary for your safety. But the man replied me “this is our village and we are sure that there are no thieves here and we are not closing the house because if someone comes from far away village and he/she wants to take rest in the night they can do it in our house. It is a tradition we got from our ancestors.” Later, I recognized so many such traditions in that village like cooking food for two or three people extra if someone comes hungry he/she can be feed by them. So as Gandhi said the heart of India lies in villages. It is in these villages we find the real heartbeat because they knew the dignity of human person.200

Now, the condition of Kerala is that the people from the town are occupying the tribal land and they have no land to lay their heads. If they have their villages Madhu will never come to do such things God will provide him with his daily needs. And those people who occupied his land became his murderers as well. That is the culture of the city. I am remembered of Jean Valjean in the Novel Les Misérables (Wretched) who struggled with his life because he has stolen some bread. This is repeating every day…


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Stabin's books

it was amazing
We are on our way.
We are on our way.
We are on our way to the temple of Paradise.
A wonderfully written historical fiction by Shusaku Endo and translated by William Johnson. This story was a great thread which sticks us on the text. Sti…

Mercy in the Fathers of the Church: Pastoral Resources for Living the Jubilee
really liked it
I read it for an assignment and found it there are materials which are good for a reference aid. It is a good book wrote in the context of Jubilee year of Mercy.

Gaudete et Exsultate--Rejoice and be glad: On the call to holiness in the contemporary world
it was amazing
We are saved by grace…
Pope Francis is a real shepherd because he knows how to tend his sheep. He knows the best pasture that is the Word of God. Pope Francis from the beginning of his papacy looks towards us and he needs nothing from …

The Church of Mercy
it was amazing
Pope Francis is really an inspiring Pope of the history. His writings have a soul to convert the hearts of the people. I am too late to read this book. This book consists of different sermons he gave in different contexts and it is reall…

The Boy
it was ok
Very Small reading which has taken less than 20 minutes to me. This book has no much suspense or any of that sort. I read it since I got a copy to review but did not find such a good stuff in it. Nrupal Das needs to improve a lot. Keep o…

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Book Review: Silence

SilenceSilence by Shūsaku Endō
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

We are on our way.
We are on our way.
We are on our way to the temple of Paradise.

A wonderfully written historical fiction by Shusaku Endo and translated by William Johnson. This story was a great thread which sticks us on the text. Still, now I carry the characters of the story.

This story is about two missionaries (Frs. Sebastian Rodrigues and Garrpe) going to Japan for their mission. Their journey and the lives in the land of Japan makes the story vibrant and our hearts will be burning when we read this book. I was really immersed those three days I read this novel. They have another mission to fulfil that to find the truth behind Fr. Ferreria, who was their mentor in the seminary.
They reached in Japan with a help of an apostate by the name Kichijero, who escaped from his native place after the trial of his family. But this man’s lives whom we found throughout the story is really interesting. His words are sometimes hurt our minds, he is a crypto Christian and always denying the Jesus.
Two Fathers, missionaries (Frs. Sebastian Rodrigues and Garrpe) were so much zealous about their call among the peasants of Japan. The way they were administering the sacraments and doing the priestly duties was very much impressed. In our modern world, we are free to move around and go for all the liturgical functions but very often for small reasons we just avoid such programmes. But when these priests arrived at this land those Christians were so happy to receive them when they offered a crucifix to those Christians they were pressing the crucifixes to their foreheads spent a long time in adoration. They were not allowed to see such things because of the ban on Christianity.
Christianity was banned in Japan for many years because of the misunderstanding the rulers were having against Christianity. They were thinking that Christianity is not good for Japan. In this story, we see a governor by the name Inoue who were persecuting the Christians for their faith. Earlier I have a strange feeling about the martyrdom, the martyrs I knew from my studies were heroes but by seeing another type of martyrdom which is so cruel made my eyes watered. Like Fr. Rodrigues I too thought it as wretched, miserable like huts they lived in, like the rags in which they were clothed.
Many things we learn from our seminary about the life of missionary but the real life is entirely different sometimes the world is so powerful to take us away from the love which we have towards Jesus and his kingdom.
Another wonderful thing Endo did was how he was narrating this story parallel to the passion narrative of Jesus. The sufferings priest was undergoing he compared with that of Jesus. He says as Jesus said to the priest, When you suffer, I suffer with you. To the end, I am close to you.
I never expect from Fr. Rodrigues such a reply but I am not able to judge him.
I encourage everyone to read this story really it will strengthen your faith.

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Gaudete et Exsultate--Rejoice and be glad: On the call to holiness in the contemporary worldGaudete et Exsultate–Rejoice and be glad: On the call to holiness in the contemporary world by Pope Francis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

We are saved by grace…
Pope Francis is a real shepherd because he knows how to tend his sheep. He knows the best pasture that is the Word of God. Pope Francis from the beginning of his papacy looks towards us and he needs nothing from us except holiness. He always urges us to be holy, in each and every book, be it in an encyclical or apostolic letter or apostolic exhortation, he speaks about our holiness. This new Apostolic Exhortation Gaudete et Exsultate, he makes another call to holiness in the contemporary world. This exhortation is really an inspiring one as every other book of the pope. Let me quote one of the sentences he mentioned in the book “We are called to be contemplatives even in the midst of the action, and to grow in holiness by responsibly and generously carrying out our proper mission.”
We are living in a world in which the spirit of consumerism is in its full power, in such a situation pope warns us, “The presence of constantly new gadgets, the excitement of travel and endless array of consumer goods at times leave no room for God’s voice to be heard.” again he says “The same distractions that are omnipresent in today’s world also make us tend to absolutize our free time, so that we can give ourselves over completely to the devices that provide us with entertainment or ephemeral pleasures.”
Pope Francis put forward the Gnosticism and Pelagianism in its modern form, and he explains to us about the dangers we all may fall into such situations. He says, when we start to consider ourselves as having more knowledge than others in our society and try to put our knowledge to others we are falling into the heresy of Gnosticism. Again, when we consider our works are more important and we are doing many things as per the rule and just look down the people who are failing in their duties we become modern time Pelagians who consider the matter over other elements, we should always know that we can receive salvation only through his grace.
Pope Francis quoted so many examples from the lives of saints is a good factor in this book because it gives many insights to have a holy life.
His reflection on the beatitudes is another important element in this books he synthesized those eight virtues for the modern man. I am quoting those lines below,
Reacting with meekness and humility: that is holiness.
Being poor of heart: that is holiness.
Knowing how to mourn with others: that is holiness.
Hungering and thirsting for righteousness: that is holiness.
Seeing and acting with mercy: that is holiness.
Keeping a heart free of all that tarnishes love: that is holiness.
Sowing peace all around us: that is holiness.
Accepting daily the path of the Gospel, even though it may cause us problems: that is holiness.
All over this book is really a wake-up call for all humanity, as we are living without any action when there are lots of problems around us. Let us listen to call of Papa and together with him let us as to the Lord, for the grace not to hesitate when the spirit calls us to take a step forward. Let us ask for the apostolic courage to share the Gospel with others and to stop trying to make our Christian life a museum of memories.”
Thank you very, Pope Francis, for this beautiful exhortation you have given to us. We will practice it in our lives to become holy in our life.

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The PilgrimageThe Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I finished another Paulo Coelho book. I like the writings of Paulo because of the life in it. The Christian imageries he uses whole along his novel makes it more lively. I also was travelling all along with him to this pilgrimage to San Tiago. I too was fighting with the legion when he fought with it. He found his sword now it is my duty to find mine to find the purpose of it. Sometimes this type of novels gives us a power to fight a good fight. The we are living this earth demands a lot but in a world full of voices we forget to listen to the voice of silence. The novel was teaching to listen to the inner voice. This is my fourth experience with Paulo Coelho he is always inspiring me and go with full power. He is taking his own saint Paul in his writings. Many times the words of Saint Paul came alive in this novel. A great work, I recommend this to anyone who needs to go ahead with much inspiration and motivation.

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Stabin’s books

Undelivered Letters
really liked it
Letters will never die because they are immortalThe letters Aron forgot to deliver made a nostalgia in the mind of me. I used to wait for the letters from my parents when I was away from me. When I read their letters it is as they are…

Have a Little Faith: a True Story
really liked it
It is with grace of Jesus we all are saved.
A book that gifted me lot of amazing moments. Wonderfully written about lives. The Jewish Rabbi, Christian Pastor and many more lives. It is a book which can provide you lot of stunning moments…
Queen of Heaven: Mary's Battle for Souls
it was amazing
This book gives a good idea about Our Lady. When I am reading this book I really enjoyed the spiritual joy. The Author communicated his views with great enthusiasm. There are lot of aspects which help us to nurture devotion towards our m…

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Book Review

Undelivered LettersUndelivered Letters by J. Alchem

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Letters will never die because they are immortal

The letters Aron forgot to deliver made a nostalgia in the mind of me. I used to wait for the letters from my parents when I was away from me. When I read their letters it is as they are coming in front of me and speaking to me. Now in our generation we are losing such moments where post office and letters are becoming memories. The novel which combined the four different family stories gives an involvement to the thread of the novel. With one sitting we can finish this novel because of its small structure.
The main characters Zara and Adam (Postman) who decide to deliver the letters they forgot to deliver twenty years before. As the story develops we come across three life situations where the love becomes the main actor. Love makes us to wait (story of Cathy, Adam and Kary family). Love is too blind that even death cannot make separate the heart of such people (Samuel and Elizabeth story). Love helps us to become someone in our love, take the revenge which help others (Detective Carl and Bankintin Lentin).
At the end the letters they received from the hand of Adam make some impact in our life. Though the years past the letters have much value.
Recommended to all…

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