The PilgrimageThe Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I finished another Paulo Coelho book. I like the writings of Paulo because of the life in it. The Christian imageries he uses whole along his novel makes it more lively. I also was travelling all along with him to this pilgrimage to San Tiago. I too was fighting with the legion when he fought with it. He found his sword now it is my duty to find mine to find the purpose of it. Sometimes this type of novels gives us a power to fight a good fight. The we are living this earth demands a lot but in a world full of voices we forget to listen to the voice of silence. The novel was teaching to listen to the inner voice. This is my fourth experience with Paulo Coelho he is always inspiring me and go with full power. He is taking his own saint Paul in his writings. Many times the words of Saint Paul came alive in this novel. A great work, I recommend this to anyone who needs to go ahead with much inspiration and motivation.

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Undelivered Letters
really liked it
Letters will never die because they are immortalThe letters Aron forgot to deliver made a nostalgia in the mind of me. I used to wait for the letters from my parents when I was away from me. When I read their letters it is as they are…

Have a Little Faith: a True Story
really liked it
It is with grace of Jesus we all are saved.
A book that gifted me lot of amazing moments. Wonderfully written about lives. The Jewish Rabbi, Christian Pastor and many more lives. It is a book which can provide you lot of stunning moments…
Queen of Heaven: Mary's Battle for Souls
it was amazing
This book gives a good idea about Our Lady. When I am reading this book I really enjoyed the spiritual joy. The Author communicated his views with great enthusiasm. There are lot of aspects which help us to nurture devotion towards our m…

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Undelivered LettersUndelivered Letters by J. Alchem

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Letters will never die because they are immortal

The letters Aron forgot to deliver made a nostalgia in the mind of me. I used to wait for the letters from my parents when I was away from me. When I read their letters it is as they are coming in front of me and speaking to me. Now in our generation we are losing such moments where post office and letters are becoming memories. The novel which combined the four different family stories gives an involvement to the thread of the novel. With one sitting we can finish this novel because of its small structure.
The main characters Zara and Adam (Postman) who decide to deliver the letters they forgot to deliver twenty years before. As the story develops we come across three life situations where the love becomes the main actor. Love makes us to wait (story of Cathy, Adam and Kary family). Love is too blind that even death cannot make separate the heart of such people (Samuel and Elizabeth story). Love helps us to become someone in our love, take the revenge which help others (Detective Carl and Bankintin Lentin).
At the end the letters they received from the hand of Adam make some impact in our life. Though the years past the letters have much value.
Recommended to all…

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Have a Little Faith: a True Story

Have a Little Faith: a True StoryHave a Little Faith: a True Story by Mitch Albom

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It is with grace of Jesus we all are saved.
A book that gifted me lot of amazing moments. Wonderfully written about lives. The Jewish Rabbi, Christian Pastor and many more lives. It is a book which can provide you lot of stunning moments. The two rebs of this novel made me think about my own life. To think about past and crying always is the worse thing in our life but this book gives a positive energy to go ahead and do the best in present. Do your best with the present so you may be happy in your future and will be able to achieve the eternal peace which our God has kept for us eternally.

It is a story about a Rabbi who approached Mitch Albom to write his eulogy. The conversation between these two make progress in the story. In between a Christian Pastor Henry whose survival from the drugs to Jesus. His story made the novel too vibrant and in between the works which the pastor is carrying on and through his works many people come to the hope of Christ. In a deteriorating situation how the pastor manages to carry his works more powerfully proves the grace of God. The other side the Old Rabbi taught so many things to this generation. As he is in the brim of death he makes his life so happy and able to achieve a happy death which everyone likes to have in their life. The difficult word in our life “death” proves it so wonderful and with the sight of death how we can go on living. A good book highly recommended for every kind of faithful, even for an atheist…

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My Mother

Mother, db15d45b78e8c2d951857d48f0d9d0a1there is no one cared me like she cared.

She showed me her love to me the every second I lived with her

Many times I showed my bad face to her, but her face was so blooming

She was having a great hope that one day I will be alright.

That hope made me to stand here to think about her

The moments I fell down her face told me to wake up son

You have to walk an extra mile

I will walk for her, till we both reach our destination


It was oalchemist-quotene of the weekend I decided to read the novel alchemist. Really it was a wonderful experience to me. It made me to think a lot, a lot of stuff to meditate on it. The boy, Melchizedek, alchemist all have great role in this novel. We all are in a journey to find out the real us. Always people used to say follow your dreams. Following the dreams is not that easy a thing but really it needs a great courage. From his life history I found out that, Paulo Coelho wrote this novel from his life experience. This novel give me an impression that to make a mindset to do everything with courage. Sometimes it is really hard to  do that still we have to keep on moving. The real life is really challenging. But when we have something to do it will help us to move. In the life really need is have a purpose always it will help to chase it. Never be fearful to chase the dreams. The small beginnings will help us to reach our real destiny. Otherwise we will be like lazy lads living the life simply wasting the time. At last when time comes where we feel that we did not do anything we will start grumbling. Travel is a best thing to grow ourselves in maturity and wisdom. Thanks to Paulo Coelho for this wonderful novel.  I will read again your novels.

Marian Blossom

Today is the day our lady appeared to three kids in Fatima. She urged to them to pray for the whole world. This day is not known to the world much. Catholic Church celebrate it as a feast day. To remember her visit. Whenever our mother appears she urges to the faithful to pray for the sinners. I have decided to change my life to go through the path of conversion. ‘Metanoia’22d81dff3ea4be21f42254baf2f60bd3--catholic-art-roman-catholic no turning back. I learned from my experience the pride and  prejudice attitudes in the behavior makes someone a sinner. If you are ready to change your attitude of pride God will show you the way to change. Blessed mother is ready to help us in our ways. She is a real model of purity. Her life which we are reading in the bible is sufficient to accept her as our spiritual mother. She heard the Word of God, kept it in the heart and meditated over it. It became fruitful in her life. This is a real example for every Christian to live a life of  purity. Our life should be based on the word of God. Always we must be ready to meditate the Word of God and practice it in our life. Then like Mary we also will blossom in Heavenly Garden.

It is your child.

Children of our age has lot of talents some are highly intelligent, some are excellent in dancing and other kinds of arts. But the great challenge they are facing is compulsion from the part of the parents. When a child is in a stage of studies parents always want them to be the first in everything. At times children are unable to do according to the wishes of the parents so they will be cursed by the parents. There is lot of stress is there upon the children from the school through their academic activities. Added to this when parents are also forcing them to be someone they are not they will end up in a situation which we cannot predict. The great stress a parent can give to the child is that to compare him/her with the children of neighborhood. Children always need to be loved by the parents, when a parent is comparing them with other children they will have a feeling that they are not good. They may try to do what parents are telling in order to please them. It will be a great stress on them.

I came across many children who were punished by their parents because they lost one or two marks in the exam. Even though they tried their level best to get the first because of some mistake they might have lost one mark. It is not a crime to loosing in the exam but some of the parents have a mind that it is a great loss for them. The marks of the children become the prestige issue for the parents. So if the child loosing one mark may be unbearable for them. These kinds of stress will end up in Psychological problems for the children. In this competitive world children have no voice. They are living as instruments in the hands of the parents. Child cannot raise his/her voice because they are much afraid of their parents.

There are exception for this situation. There are parents who care for their children and gives freedom for them. These children are good when they grow up compare to other children who live under pressure. When a child is under pressure he/she looses his capacity to be free and when he/she grows up there will not be much help to the society from their part.




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