It was oalchemist-quotene of the weekend I decided to read the novel alchemist. Really it was a wonderful experience to me. It made me to think a lot, a lot of stuff to meditate on it. The boy, Melchizedek, alchemist all have great role in this novel. We all are in a journey to find out the real us. Always people used to say follow your dreams. Following the dreams is not that easy a thing but really it needs a great courage. From his life history I found out that, Paulo Coelho wrote this novel from his life experience. This novel give me an impression that to make a mindset to do everything with courage. Sometimes it is really hard to  do that still we have to keep on moving. The real life is really challenging. But when we have something to do it will help us to move. In the life really need is have a purpose always it will help to chase it. Never be fearful to chase the dreams. The small beginnings will help us to reach our real destiny. Otherwise we will be like lazy lads living the life simply wasting the time. At last when time comes where we feel that we did not do anything we will start grumbling. Travel is a best thing to grow ourselves in maturity and wisdom. Thanks to Paulo Coelho for this wonderful novel.  I will read again your novels.


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